Saturday, March 15, 2003

Class sizes in education

This is a oft raised issue in education, where the supporters of small class sizes cite many examples and studies done showing that smaller class sizes returns better results, partly due to the better ratio of teacher/student meaning that each student gets more individual time. In discussion classes this is even more important, where a smaller class allows for more time for each student to discuss their views.

Unfortunately, we have been told to close 2 classes, one at Caulfield and one at Clayton for CSE1304, due to the classes having a size of 10-11 students on average. The preferred class size according to the powers that be is 15. Most labs seat 16, and typically there is at least one computer per lab that isn't working. Filling the class sizes stresses the tutors, students, lowers results, and doesn't allow for 'blow-in' students making up classes they missed, or for dead computers. And the most stupid thing, is that they want us to close these classes 3 weeks into the semester, shuffling students around and reducing the tutors employment.

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