Friday, February 14, 2003

Too busy/random stuff

As you have probably been able to see, I have been too busy to really think, let alone post to here.. :-\

All my medical tests are done, at least to check for endometriosis. All tests showed absolutely nothing, except the ultrasound, which showed that my left ovary is completely stuck down behind my uterus. The bowel surgeon thinks that it might be putting pressure on the bowel and causing all of the problems there. If it got freed, it might actually fix a lot of problems! (So I'm hoping for that outcome).

My surgery date is for the 14th April, one week before Easter. I'm fairly worried that things might be fairly serious, and require me to take a much longer time in recovery than I can afford (money and study wise).

Still hunting for a housemate. At least a couple of people have come and seen it, but I haven't heard back from any of them yet. It's getting fairly urgent, as the next pay period is rent time, and that will eat up all of my pay (and I've got dental work to be done then). I've managed to get the bedroom furnished, and have spread my stuff into the back room as it's a great room to work in (light/airy/not my bedroom!). If someone wants both rooms, it won't be much of a hassle to move back out.

Hopefully I can upgrade one of my home computers this weekend, even though I have a huge lot of work to be done, the install I currently have on it is annoying me greatly.

Enough rambling.....

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