Saturday, February 1, 2003

The Shaping of Middle Earth

The Shaping of Middle Earth (The History of Middle Earth 4) JRR Tolkien

It seems that the first several books are dealing with the huge amount of material on the shaping of the world. This one is more about the actual geography and timelines of major events, and towards the end, geneology of both elves and men. This was harder to read than the Lays (book 3) as it was very repetitive. There is a couple of translations of the Annals into Old English, which would be great, except I can't read Old English! The prose was fairly easy to read, though fairly dense at times. The commentaries contained continuous cross-referencing to other pieces of prose in the same book, and other books dealing with the first age, which made it difficult to read. This one drummed home the details of the first age for me, and it looks like book 5 will do the same, so I'm taking a break from the histories :>

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