Friday, February 14, 2003

Midsummer Night's Dream in the Botanical Gardens

I had been wanting to see a production of this in the Gardens for a long time now (hmm... about 8 years) and finally got around to taking Bernie ;>

It was extremely good, though I was disappointed that Puck didn't run up and down the trees. He was however, quite manic (as were the fairies), which was exactly how I had imagined the character to be, and they used a fair bit of acrobatics. I loved the fairy at the beginning - we had heard her warming up in the gardens on our way to the stage, she has an excellent range.

It was a bit wierd seeing the same actors in this, as were in the play we saw in the gardens last year, but it was well acted and enjoyable. The bats weren't as impressive as last year.

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