Friday, February 14, 2003

The Melbourne Zoo

I haven't been to the Zoo since the new gorilla enclosure opened (which was a very long time ago), so it was interesting to see just how much had changed. Most of the enclosures have been 'greened' and expanded, giving the animals more room and more places to hide. Many of the bigger African animals have been moved to Werribee, and the Australian section seems to have shrunk somewhat (animals moved to Healesville). The monkey section contains much fewer varieties, but the gorilla family was still there (and the youngster out playing with his security blanket).

They still had the cats, but no panthers :-\ . I was pleased that the ocelots were awake, and discovered a couple of new animals that I didn't know about (one being a fishing cat).

The new elephant enclosure wasn't finished, unfortunately, but it's easy to see it's going to be impressive. It seems to take up about 1/5th of the zoo, and its wonderfully landscaped. I think I'll be going back to see it, once it's been finished and established.

The meerkat babies were miniature replicas of their parents, and very cute. One thing I didn't like so much, too many prams and kids, and it was busy (a very fine Sunday). Debbie assured me it was nothing compared to other days. During the weekdays, you don't get so many young families, but then you have to put up with the schoolgroups (ug).

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