Saturday, January 18, 2003


I am appalled at the naivety shown by some members (and the some of the most vocal ones) on the amithlonopen yahoo group.

Many expect the law to work the same in all countries, many of those same people expect it to cost nothing, and some expect that whoever is right wins! None of those three things are ever guaranteed, and most often do not happen. Many also don't care at all about the pain, harassment, stress that the people involved in the conflict have already gone through, and will further go through if the product Umilator was released. They also think that releasing something under freeware rids those involved of legal repercussions. Another thing thing I don't understand, they know there are several third party licenses, that if not included would completely stop the product from working. To release the product under freeware would require those third parties to also release their code under freeware, something that the author of Umilator has no right to do.

I could only describe the people who are reacting angrily to the inevitable 'can't release' as naive fanatics, who refuse to see and care about what other people are going through, and that the whole world is not the same as the small part where they live. Perhaps someone should also explain that the world is not flat, and that sometimes pets will die, even when you don't want them to.....

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