Wednesday, January 15, 2003

More exercise

I had my first review at the gym today. So far, so good, but due to the break over Christmas, my second review and the addition of weight training is put off until March. In any case, I have more exercises to do: ankle training (stretches/wobble board, resistance training), more ball work for my back, two sets of weights for my back, more cardio, and more stretches. This will probably bring the routine up to about 2 hours, meaning the total exercise I do in a day (cos of walking) is about 2.5 hours minimum on a gym day! I have actually put on weight, lost fitness and lost flexibility due to the break over xmas, and it's hard trying to get back into it. I've hit a limit of 10 minutes on the cross-trainer, so now I am going to do 'bursts' of intense/fast movements and incorporate the arms to try to get past it. The next review will put in weights, more/different ball work, more stretches and change the cardio to be more varied. I'm dreading the stepper! I'll see how the new routine goes after work tonight.
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