Monday, January 6, 2003

Health update, operation cancelled

I just saw my gynecologist today, having finally got the reports and photos from the previous three operations done by a different gyno. The feedback from the gyno was quite incredible.

Firstly as I have a duplex renal system (2 ureters on the left) she said they were very brave (and quite mad) doing the operation without checking that all ureters were ok afterwards.

She was also not impressed at the reports - the 1st operation had all the major disease on the left, and the other 2 had basically nothing on the left (incompetence). One thing that has really angered me, in one of the biopsy reports, a sample had been sent that was a chunk that had been cut out from the back of my vagina. It required stitches, and I was not told about this at all.

I guess it is not surprising I had to fight to get those reports and photos from the hospital (the Mercy in Melbourne). Anyway, my specialist decided that she was out of her depth (even though she is an endo specialist) and has referred me to an 'expert'. As the endometriosis is likely to be on the bowel, she would prefer a bowel surgeon to be present. So my next operation is going to have present, a bowel/laparascopic surgeon (the expert), current specialist, another specialist surgeon and urologist (to find the ureters).

I'm doing the run around seeing them all before I go in, hopefully sometime this side of June. For those who are dealing with endo in Australia/Melbourne, I would strongly recommend that you do not go to the endosurgery clinic at the Mercy.

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