Wednesday, January 1, 2003

2002 is over

It seems like everyone is writing a wrap up of 2002 in their blogs, naming favourite things of the year etc. Seeing as I don't actually get that much new music/new books/go to events/watch tv/watch many movies, I can't really do this. Personally, 2002 sucked. Too many things went wrong, and consistently got worse. The start of 2003 is going to be worse still (at least until I've recovered from my operation at the end of February), so I didn't actually want the date to tick over. I feel like I didn't do much, but I really did, (and now to convince myself, a list of 10 things that entered my mind:)

  • bought some pretty big, expensive and necessary things, on a very low income (medical and household)
  • got my garden built, planted, and am eating from it
  • taught more than 300 students first year programming
  • got over a HD average on half of my honours subjects
  • got half of my project done (the easy half, well more like a quarter of the work)
  • gained a lease in my name only
  • started going to the gym and doing belly dancing regularly
  • went on a holiday to the high (hot) country
  • started this blog ;>
  • survived my family from hell (again)

I still look at the list (incomplete), and think that it is not much. But I know it is when I have to constantly battle pain and depression :-\ I just can't convince myself of it. I hope 2003 looks a bit better at the end of it.

Happy New Year everyone, and hope it's a good one for you (and me)!.

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