Thursday, December 19, 2002


Despite varying pain levels (getting up to about a 7/10 in the evening) I've been managing to do stuff during the day. Admittedly it's still early in the week, so it's not too bad yet, and it's fairly manageable with Mersyndol Forte. Yesterday I actually was able to do a belly-dance exercise routine, albeit gently, and not suffer too badly from it. Today is a bit worse though, the pain is constant at a higher level, and I have house-cleaning, sewing and washing to do before I go away on Saturday. So far I've avoided using Tramal, sticking to Mersyndol Forte, heat packs (on 30-odd degrees, that isn't pleasant) and staying fairly sedentary. If the pain goes up much more at a constant level, I think I'll have to use it. The Mersyndol was already making me very dizzy last night, when coupled with tiredness.
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