Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Majesty - the Kingdom Sim

I have just been playing this game since I got home from work. I managed to get right through the beginner missions (5 of them), then hit the advanced ones - which are a lot tougher. It's a neat game, full of D&D characters and plots, but as an unusual sim, it took a little getting used to. Your aim is to recruit 'heroes' of various forms into your realm to help destroy monsters and solve puzzles. You can't make any of your subjects/heroes do anything directly - you need to offer rewards and increase the desirability of your kingdom by upgrading existing buildings and building new ones, especially gardens and a tournament ground. Some quests are time limited, some have numerous solutions. A neat game, playability is a little less as the interface is not intuitive and quite different from the other sims I play. The music is non-intrusive (and not annoying). One question: why do advisers/storytellers of 'fantasy' lands have a strong Sean Connery Scottish accent!? (This one, strangely enough, is actually done quite well).
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