Monday, December 2, 2002

Knox City (Village and Borders)

Encouraged by my Aunt's remarks that the new Borders at Knox City was much larger than the Jam Factory I was very much looking forward to spending my birthday voucher there. I was horribly disappointed. The store is small and does not have much of a selection of anything I was looking for! (belly dancing music, Tolkien art books, sci fi, celtic music) I would recommend the Chadstone store for size and the Jam Factory for range, and leave Knox totally alone.

We saw Harry Potter in Gold Class (Village Knox) today (as can be seen by the review), and I was very pleased with the screen and the sound. Both seemed superior to Century City Walk (maybe it's just getting old?) However, they needed more people serving and ushering - we waited over 10 minutes to place our order, despite getting there 15 minutes early we entered the theatre just before the trailers started, after the ads. And their overall service speed (bringing food in during the movie) was terrible. But on a happily surprising note - their portion sizes seem to be much larger than CC Walk. Overall I will probably be frequenting Knox over CC Walk based on screen/sound/food (not service or distance from home).

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