Friday, December 6, 2002

Finished printable courseware

Finally I have finished the print versions of the courseware (lecture notes, prac notes, tute notes). PPT has this really annoying habit of not showing underscores, even if you insert them as a symbol (underscore), or underline them, or even cut and paste from Word where the underscore is visible. Thus the lecture notes are a little inconsistent when using the lines #ifndef blah_h, #define blah_h. I've decided to include the summary lecture in the notes this year - I have also taken out the code for the hash table (converted it to an algorithm). I haven't changed the content too much, the main change that I still want to do for semester 2 next year is to change to a different (less confusing?) version of quicksort. If you are interested, the courseware for summer semester already has all this work available. I've still yet to do some summaries (as Debbie has done for Part B), but the main grunt is done. Test and exam and marking guides still to be written, and I haven't heard yet whether Malaysia is running it concurrently again (I dearly hope not!)
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