Monday, December 30, 2002

Endometriosis: Natural and Medical Solutions

Endometriosis: Natural and Medical Solutions Kaz Cooke & Ruth Trickey

I was inspired to get this book having read the section on endometriosis in 'Women's Problems' by the same authors. I didn't learn that much that I didn't know, but I have some more pointers for altering my diet (mainly focusing on anti-cramp minerals and deficient vitamins). This is a very good, no-nonsense, no medical-lingo description of the disease and various solutions that you might try (though it stressed under supervision a little too much - you need a very broad minded doctor to agree to help with diet to control endo). I think I'll be passing it on to my family, seeing as they really have no understanding (perhaps they don't want to), of the disease I will be suffering for life and it's effects. They think I'll just get better over time, or after the next operation, or by taking a tonic (yeah right!)

Recommended as an introduction to endometriosis, and searching for alternative and complementary treatment options.

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