Sunday, November 3, 2002

What privacy?

This is really not new, but I only just found out about it. As the Australian government has instituted compulsory voting, everyone is required to submit their address and phone number for registration. I just found out that this list is available to be purchased, and is frequently used by tele-marketing companies. This is extremely bad for several reasons, the main one being that anyone can find where you live and what your telephone number is, even if you aren't listed in the phone book. The government was stopped from using this electoral roll to complete a mail-out to everyone as the GST was being introduced, as it was an abuse of something or other. But I can't see how selling the roll to marketing companies, or even worse, companies that compile lists of people and details about them from multiple sources!

I needed to rant about this, as I had no idea that it was legal for the Australian government to disrespect their citizen's privacy like that.

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