Sunday, November 24, 2002

The Mammoth book of Fantasy

The Mammoth Book of Fantasy Edited by Mike Ashley

This is an excellent book of short stories, with not one bad story in the lot! Considering that I normally read epic fantasy (trilogies and longer) short stories are a bit of a novelty, and I usually find it difficult to get into the storylines and especially the characters, but not these ones! The collection includes stories of 'pure fantasy' without any science fiction which were chosen to be not 'Tolkien-esque' - my usual fare. Some of the authors include Michael Moorcock, Ursula LeGuin, Theodore Sturgeon, Lord Dunsany, Fritz Leiber and many others, old and current. The editorial comments introduce the authors and where they fit in the fantasy genre and timeline, noting some of their publications, which I found useful (I need authors that aren't currently writing series). Highly recommended to fantasy fans looking for new (or old) authors.

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