Thursday, November 7, 2002

Legionella scare

Today I was tested for legionella, the results will be in on Friday. The recent scare was based around Westall Rd/Princes Hwy - where I walk past every morning, and drive past every night. I have shown most of the symptoms, and they are concerned enough to get me to rush my test to the hospital as I had missed the pickup time. I'm worried as it may affect my kidneys, and they are pretty much screwed already - if I lose any more function, it will be bad and downhill from there. I would have been put on the antibiotic used to treat legionella anyway (Erythromycin), except I am very allergic to it (internal and external), that would have made me end up in hospital unable to breathe. So I find out tomorrow just before 5, and will probably go on doxycline or similar. Even if I don't have legionella, I have some kind of virus (says the doc). *sigh* End of semester health breakdown due to stress?
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