Wednesday, November 20, 2002

The Dream

This is the first time I have ever dreamed something from a book I was reading just before I went to sleep. I'll post a review of the short story omnibus I was reading tomorrow when I actually have the title handy..

People were getting abducted by this glowing sphere with seven different coloured lights in it. They abducted me and my best friend and placed us in this room. It had a skylight however, so we escaped through that to the roof of the palace surrounded by canals and a small township. Somehow we managed to float away but were losing altitude as my best friend was getting tired, and ended up landing on a bridge on the outskirts.

There was a high bluestone wall surrounding the whole area, as well as many small quays in the canal system, where we managed to take one of the odd rafts (which consisted of one platform just under the water and one just above), before anyone noticed. We travelled through the canals into a forested area and came across barges with odd laser gun turrets on them. We managed to dodge a couple (they never fired, just were too slow to aim) but soon found a group covering the width of the canal.

My friend was unconscious at this stage but I managed to get the raft we were on to 'jump' over the blockade. However, it didn't go down, it just kept floating up and up, still going forwards past the barges. We ended up in a huge leafy tree, not unlike birch, I was trying to keep my friend warm and look around for food, while trying not to attract the attention of the laser barges or the glowing spheres that were ghosting overhead looking for us. If we could just get over the wall we would be safe..

Then I woke up.

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