Thursday, November 7, 2002

CSE1303 marking

Again, there had to be remarking of papers as tutors did not follow the marking guidelines. At least I didn't have to do much to fix Part A this time! I really feel like not employing any of those who stuffed up yet again for marking, as most of them wasted heaps of time and distracted everyone in the room. I don't feel like employing them for tutoring at all, but luckily for them that's not solely my decision. We are going to keep track of those who have been warned, and reduce their likelihood of re-employment (at least for the marking side of things).

On an up note, I'm pleased with the overall result (which I'm not going to talk about here just yet!). The final results are out on December the 5th, just in time for summer semester enrolment. (I'll be teaching CSE1303 Part A over summer again).

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