Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Tetris is NP-hard

Scientists have proven that tetris is NP hard. I always knew it was fairly difficult, but NP-hard? (via acb)

Crushed flyer

A passenger on a transatlantic flight received compensation for being squashed by an obese person who was seated next to her. Apparently the passenger was fairly seriously injured, with torn leg muscles, acute sciatica and a blood clot on her chest from this incident! (via Shanmonster)

Sunday, October 20, 2002

The Book of Lost Tales 2

Writings by J.R.R. Tolkien, compiled and analysed by C. Tolkien

This book actually took me nigh on 6 months to read. It is full of the history of the rings, and clearly shows Tolkien's story and history development process. Towards the end, a couple of incomplete manuscripts are included and C. Tolkien proposes an outline from various scraps of details found in those manuscripts. This is not an easy read, but if you want to know much more about the history of the Lord of the Rings, and how Tolkien actually developed his world and stories, this is an excellent book.

Bored of the Rings, by Harvard Lampooon

Well, if you like crude spoofs, and you like the Lord of the Rings, then you will most likely enjoy this book. Personally I found it far too childish, with few twisted and clever references thrown in. Not to my taste, and I didn't finish it.

Bend it like Beckham

A very neat movie, well acted, good storyline. The music in it is mostly brilliant. I want to know if Beckham was actually in it at the end or whether it was a stand in! If you ignored the merchandising aspect (how much promotional material was donated?) it was a better movie still.

Two recent purchases (CD)

Bend it like Beckham soundtrack

Mostly excellent, but has snippets of lines from the movie sprinked every 4-5 tracks which is extremely annoying. More so because the sound quality of those snippets is atrocious. There are a few great tracks to bellydance to.

Incubus - Make Yourself

Bought for one track - Drive. For some reason that song just clicked, and I have finally got the CD. The other tracks are not nearly as good, but definitely listenable.

Health update

I saw a gynecologist for the first time since seeing the surgeon last summer. The surgeon had told me that the pain would go away, especially as they removed all the endo (basically that it was all in my head). On examination, it seems that the endo has grown back on the lower left ligaments - it didn't move freely and was horribly painful. The gynecologist specialises in endo, and does surgery. The only time she doesn't remove endo is when it is on the bowel (requires a bowel surgeon).

So.... a laparoscopy is scheduled for next February, and before then I need to find out whether I have 2 whole ureters on the left, or whether they fuse halfway down (which is more common). This is just so the gyno can make sure she looks for 2 or not when she is cutting things out. She also said to stay on the pill and not have a period unless I break through bleed. The bloating is most likely to do with my digestion. Speaking of digestion, my colonoscopy is scheduled for 20th November.

Various digestion tests with different types of dairy have been bad. Normal dairy causes severe cramping if I eat more than a small amount. Organic dairy has the same reaction. The next and final test is lactose free, but I want to get over the previous reaction first. Goat's and Sheep's cheese seems to be fine, but I never have that much of it to tell. Other than that, I'm reduced to having soy and rice milk, and can't have my favourite alcoholic drink - Baileys!

I've discovered that ponstan/nurofen and those types of pain killers all contain anti-inflammatory drugs, which means I can't have them, ever. Not that at such a low strength they ever did anything for me.

Every doctor/psych/specialist has ganged up on me, and said I should join the gym. But the gym wants me to do a physio assessment of my back (sciatica) before they let me join. I'm not sure yet when/if I'll join as it is a lot of money at the start (physio/joining fee/fitness assessment/program design). However, I'll take it slowly and see when is the best time. Taking a week off work at the moment, as I had to work full time when Debbie was away (wasn't expecting too, but the students who were missing classes took up the rest of my time - Deb normally deals with these). So hopefully I'll get over my current (4 week) sinus virus, and get some rest.

Thursday, October 3, 2002


I have got my first chest infection since high school that I can't easily cope with easily. Usually I just don't cough and am fine. But this one is a killer... If anyone has any suggestions that help with sore throats (that doesn't involve lemon and honey drinks), coughing, temperatures that just won't go away, please let me know! I hope I'm ok by Tuesday - I need to lecture!

Looking for Alibrandi

Silly movie. It's bad that I've got cable at the moment, and intermittent net access, and being sick, cos I watch all sorts of silly things. A fairly wacky storyline and average acting doesn't make for the best movie, but it's watchable if there is nothing else on. Definitely not something I would recommend for hiring.