Sunday, September 29, 2002

Too busy

With my co-lecturer away, I have been completely swamped at work and while housesitting. I'm looking forward to the break. Tiger (a black and white cat), has started eating, finally. Which means I don't have to be enemy for a while as I don't have to give him tablets if he is eating.

Students have been pestering me continuously for extensions and deferred tests. Even though I was horribly sick throughout my undergrad, and still now, I have never missed a prac. Only non-essential classes like lectures and tutes. I realise how difficult it is to work and study and be ill at the same time, but they seem to always put work above study too often. I think university policy needs to be re-worded to clearly state that 'work' is not a good enough reason to miss classes. Test marking starts on Monday, I'm not looking forward to it.

Had an ant infestation to add to my woes today, and found out about a broken promise, which has greatly upset me. Is this the tip of the iceberg? I hate being hassled to hassle others. And no-one is doing anything to help that situation, in fact it's just getting worse. I don't need to be stressing about this on top of everything else. Family do tomorrow. Really not looking forward to it. As usual I have been completely guilted into it.

I miss my garden and the relative quiet.

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