Thursday, August 15, 2002

Women's Trouble, by Ruth Tricky and Kaz Cooke

Women's Trouble: Natural & Medical Solutions by Ruth Tricky and Kaz Cooke Amazon listing and reviews

This was an interesting book, written with much sarcasm for the health system in whatever country the writers lived in. It covered medical and natural solutions to many problems that women may face, stressing that that normal medical route is the best one to trust. There are many good dietary tips and guides for specific illnesses, which I have yet to try.

Endometriosis was described very well, perhaps because Kaz suffered from this condition. Adenomyosis was mentioned briefly, and not explained at all well. There were sections for many other problems including: PMS, other causes of dysmenorreah, how to deal with menopause, and menarche.

A very good book to read if there is anything wrong, and indeed for understanding what could go wrong.

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