Monday, August 26, 2002

Various things in news...

Coke and Pepsi have recently denied knowledge of painting rocks with their logos in the Himalayas, adding the the environmental damage by tourists leaving the garbage there. The two companies claimed that local franchises authorised these 'advertisements' without their knowledge. The Chinese government stops the creation of new numberplates due to unpatriotic ones selling like hotcakes (such as 007, FBI, TMD).

Iraqis living in the US could be forced (trained) by the Bush government, to appear on TV and radio, write opinion articles and speeches to support the US to overthrow Hussein. As per normal Microsoft policy of releasing insecure software, a recent articles mentions they have release 30 security bulletins on different security flaws since January, about 4 per month. This is relatively soon after Microsoft admitted to misleading customers about the security of their Passport system, the Federal Trade Commission found they did not follow 'reasonable and appropriate measures' to keep private information safe in a business environment.

The Food Standards Agency in Britain wants to ban sheep intestines used for haggis, citing BSE as the reason.

Just as I start my dairy free diet, parents in Britain are warned against the dangers of a milk-free diet for children. A fairly biased article which mentions that of those studied who don't drink milk one in three are obese, not mentioning the rate of obesity in those that do drink milk. A repeat study done in several more years would be useful, to see which of the groups has a higher occurrence of illnesses.

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